Dr. Dario Toncich
Dr. Dario Toncich

This website provides resources and information for undergraduate and postgraduate university students as well as secondary school students and others seeking to
undertake university study.  It enables people to access/download relevant textbooks, discussion/research papers and other resources for university study.   If you are an
undergraduate or postgraduate student, you may use the books, resources or research project information, provided to you in PDF form, for your own studies.  

Please press the
register button to enter your contact details and ensure that you are automatically informed of updates and additions to text books, new information, etc.  
Many of the textbooks and resources are provided at no cost.

From time to time, this site will also feature discussion papers and information that is of relevance to those involved in the operation of universities - either as
academic/research staff, postgraduate researchers or undergraduate students.  I hope that you will find this site of value, and you are of course welcome to email
feedback on any of the site contents.

Dr. Dario Toncich
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“You cannot hope to
build a better world
without improving the
individuals. To that end,
each of us must work
for his own
and at the same time
share a general
responsibility for all
humanity, our
particular duty being to
aid those to whom we
think we can be most

-Marie Curie
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