Dario Toncich was born in Melbourne Australia in 1960 and
graduated, with honours in Electrical Engineering from the University
of Melbourne, in 1983.  His industry based research led to a Master of
Engineering (by Research) from SIT and a PhD from SUT.  Since that
time, he has held industrial, academic and research leadership
positions, and has been involved in numerous research and
development programs.  After working as an industry researcher in
advanced manufacturing control systems at Zenford Ziegler, in 1988,
Dr. Toncich was appointed as the foundation research manager for
the (then) recently established Key Centre for Computer Integrated
Manufacture (CIM).  In 1996,  when the university expanded the CIM
Centre into an industrial research institute (IRIS), he went on to
become the research leader in automation and control; headed the
Institute’s postgraduate research and coursework programs, and
contributed towards its strategic planning activities.  Dr. Toncich was
chair of the Institute's postgraduate research committee from 1997 to
2007, and was responsible for the development of the Institute's
"Knowledge and Innovation" program, teaching graduate students
about research commercialisation through entrepreneurship and
business planning.

Dario Toncich has authored and coauthored a number of research
papers in his field.  He has also contributed to federal reviews of
national university/research policy and expenditure.  His views on
industry research and development have been cited in government
reviews and editorialized in various forums.  Dario Toncich has
supervised more than 20 Doctoral and Master’s (by research)
candidates to successful completion, and has  authored seven books,
including two on postgraduate research.  His first book on
postgraduate research (
Key Factors in Postgraduate Research - A
Guide for Students) is used in universities and research institutes as a
training text, and has been in wide circulation since its initial release in

Dario Toncich's field of research and Doctoral supervision has been in
the areas of automation and control, with emphasis on feedback
signals and signature analysis for both industrial and biomedical
devices.  His views and papers on higher education and research
practice have been cited by governments and universities and have
appeared in Campus Review.

In 2007 he was appointed as the Project Manager for the University-
wide research degrees admissions project at Monash University and in
2010 he worked as the Research Performance Analyst for the Office
of the Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor and Deputy Vice Chancellor
Research at Monash University, in the Research Strategy Unit.

Dario Toncich advises on university research performance and
benchmarking and postgraduate research supervision.  His regular
articles on Linkedin have thousands of followers from universities
around the world.

Dario Toncich's latest book is aimed at research supervisors.  Entitled,

"Key Factors in Postgraduate Research Supervision - A Guide for
Supervisors", the book is now available through Amazon.com.  
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